Application Form

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1. Which level of your mandarin do you speak at present?

A. Total beginner B. Low elementary C. Elementary D. Low Intermediate E


2. How long have you stayed in Shanghai?

A. newcomer B. one month C. one year D. half a year E

3. What kind of mandarin do you prefer to learn more?

A. Survival B. Daily Life C. Business D.HSK E

4. What time do you prefer to have lesson in a day?

A. morning B. noon

C. afternoon D. evening


5. Please circle the day which is right for you to have lesson regularly every week?

A.Monday B. Tuesday C. Wednesday D. Thursday E. Friday F. Saturday G. Sunday


6. Where do you prefer to have lesson?

A. at your home B. at your office C. at school D. in the coffee bar

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