Valerie  from Italy
English Translation:
I like Chinese cuisine very much, especially those delicious Shanghai snacks. I eat snacks every day. for example, in the morning or at rest. I enjoy many kinds of shanghai snacks: oden, rice-cake, boiled egg in tea…But my favourite, of course, is bun! Because I’m a vegetarian, so I always buy vegetable-stuffed buns. There’re many kinds of delicious vegetables in the bun, such as Chinese cabbage, tofu and mushroom. I often buy buns in Family Mart, especially before lunch break. Their buns are so delicious! But its price is a bit high. Truly speaking, vegetable-stuffed buns are 2 yuan each in general, but in Family mart it’s 3 yuan. They are indeed burglars! My colleagues also like to eat buns with me, but they always buy meat buns. The question is that we can’t eat buns in our office for its strong smell which may make my manager angry. For this reason, we have to eat buns outdoors. I haven’t tasted shanghai snacks other than buns for most of them have meat. What a pity! But if I want to be an expert about China, I must try some other vegetable shanghai snacks. This is my dream!

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