Mandarin Tree Language School is a professional language institutes. All of our students can learn Chinese based on their need, availability, flexibility so they not only have one  professional Chinese teacher, but also get useful Chinese knowledge made by school’s email regularly.

Mandarin Tree Language School is quite different from others. Our feature is to help mandarin learners enjoy Chinese language and its culture with native people. So we hold various and colorful Chinese culture events where our students have the opportunity to learn about authentic China traditional customs and culture, such as, Tai chi course, Calligraphy, Chinese cooking, and day tour in Shanghai, etc. Thereby, our students can practice their newly acquired language skills with different local native speakers on a regular basis, enhancing their listening and comprehension skills while gaining insight and understanding into local culture and making new friends.

Our Vision

We strive to refresh the language world, inspire your optimism and happiness, create your value.

Our Values

Growth, Friendship, Cooperation

At Mandarin Tree Language School, our prime aim is to enable our students to learn Chinese effectively anytime, anywhere. What we need to do is to ensure our teaching quality growth and to achieve our students’ language growth. We keep positive and friendly relationship with our students forever. What we do, we do well.
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